Electronic Device Allowance Change and AAM Update Effective 7/1/15

Electronic Device Allowance Change

Effective for the July allowance that is paid to employees with the first payroll in August, the allowance amounts for cell phones (voice only) and smartphones (voice and data) are changing.  The cell phone allowance was $15 and will now be $5.  Smartphone allowance was $45 and will now be $36.  For any new allowances, the updated approval form has been posted to our web at http://doa.alaska.gov/dof/forms/resource/EComm_Allow_Form.pdf

Alaska Administrative Manual Update

Transmittal #86 updates the following sections of the Alaska Administrative Manual effective July 1, 2015:

25.090 – Expenditure and Revenue Controls
25.100 – Tolerance Adjusted Net Available Balance (TANAB)

Please visit our Division of Finance Updates web page at http://doa.alaska.gov/dof/updates/index.html for the updated sections and transmittal information.

We hope this helps keep you informed of policy changes that affect your job. Email groups were built based on position titles and DOF’s best efforts to reach as many employees whose job duties depend on this information. If these changes do not affect your duties, please simply delete this email.

Important message from APEA Business Manager, Pete Ford

Morning all – The “shoe has finally dropped”; the US Supreme Court has announced that it will hear the Friedrichs case next term (sometime after October) and thereby re-visit the legality of union security/agency shop agreements.  The worst case scenario is that the entire public sector could become a “right-to-work” workplace, wherein agency fees could not be required as a condition of employment and “open shop” – or voluntary membership – would be the law in all our public sector locals.


Regardless of the eventual outcome of this case, we must accept this situation as a challenge to improve, strengthen, build our communication with members and to organize our locals from within, and remind our members that they are the union; therefore, they must participate in the building, operations and business of the union, and do so in every aspect of union work – negotiations, representation, political advocacy and building and then maintaining the community of common interest and self-help that is supposed to characterize a union.


This effort must be our primary goal now, in the upcoming months, and into the future.  More, I hope lots more, later….



30 JUN 2015


DNR Recruiting for Human Resource Consultant IV in Anchorage

Dear CEA:  Please see the announcement, below, from Jean Davis, Director, Support Services Division, DNR, regarding the 31 August 2015 retirement of our fellow CEA member and long-time co-employee, Pam Keane…and regarding the recruitment through Workplace Alaska to fill Pam’s position.

We wish Pam the very best in her retirement, and urge all CEA members to convey their best wishes to Pam, as well.


In Solidarity, Your CEA Executive Board

From: Davis, Jeanmarie H (DNR) Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 2:54 PM To: SOA HR Leads Subject: DNR Recruiting for Human Resource Consultant IV in Anchorage




As many of you know, after an outstanding career with the State of Alaska, Pam Keane is retiring  – her last day as DNR’s Human Resource Manager is August 31st.  While we hate to see her go, we wish her the very best on her new adventures!


The recruitment for her position is posted on Workplace Alaska, and is open to CEA employees only:  Workplace Alaska, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations, Department of Administration, State of Alaska.  Please share this opportunity with any CEA member you know who may be interested.


If you have any questions about DNR or this position, please feel free to contact me or Pam Keane (269-8667).


Thank you,


Jean Davis

Director, Support Services Division

Department of Natural Resources


Online Training Opportunities

Good Day CEA Members,


The joint Labor Management Committees for the SU and CEA bargaining units are proud to present the following 10 Rapid Learning Institute short online courses (see course descriptions below) to meet some of your learning needs.


Each online module is approximately five to thirteen minutes in length and comes with supporting materials you can use with your team members individually or in a team meeting.


These online courses can be accessed through LearnAlaska and do not require approval before taking the course.  Simply login to LearnAlaska (https://learn.alaska.gov/portal) and type the name of the course or the course acronym and follow the instructions to enroll and access each course.


The great news is that since our committees were able to negotiate a great deal with the Rapid Learning Institute for an unlimited number of users for these 10 courses for one year other State employees outside SU and CEA will be able to utilize these courses as well.


This means that your staff can also take these courses and negotiate goals with you on how they will apply what they learned.  The supporting materials for each course have a trainer’s guide and goal setting documents to facilitate this outcome.



The 10 Rapid Learning Institute online courses are as follows:



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Managing Team Conflict (MNTC)


In this 9:52 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:

  • Why conflict is a powerful tool that team leaders must use to their advantage
  • What’s going on under the surface when disagreements become toxic
  • The ACES method of conflict resolution – a straightforward approach that can turn destructive conflict into constructive solutions



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Employee Engagement: Focus, Capability and Will (ENGE)


In this 8:49 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • Why managers must be totally accountable for the engagement levels of their teams
  • How to tap the power of Focus, Capability & Will and why one of these three is challenging for most managers
  • The number one reason managers fail to achieve high employee engagement over time



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Unlocking the Power of Non-Monetary Rewards (PNMR)


In this 11:27 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • A common mistake that backfires – and what’s most difficult about giving them
  • The one thing you MUST do to make sure your nonmonetary rewards have impact



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Controlling Rumors: Filling the Vacuum (RMRS)


In this 8:58 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • The role managers play in spreading or defeating rumors
  • Why rumors are a symptom of a larger problem
  • Two critical ingredients that feed the rumor mill and how to address a current rumor
  • How to turn rumor mongers into TRUTH mongers



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Handling Excruciatingly Difficult Conservations (DFCN)


In this 8:41 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • A template you can apply to many situations including: performance problems, use of foul language, inappropriate physical contact, excessive use of perfume, personal hygiene, unconscious rude behavior



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Performance Feedback: The Seek-First-to-Understand Approach (PRFB)


In this 13:53 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • The seek-First-to-Understand method for providing performance feedback
  • The #1 goal of performance feedback
  • The most frequently overlooked stage in traditional performance appraisal process



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Empowerment and Accountability: How Much Rope Should You Give Your People (EMPR)


In this 5:31 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • What behavioral research has to say about deadline-setting and deadline missing
  • Why people often fail to meet deadlines they set for themselves
  • How to research applies to issues of employee empowerment and accountability



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Six Managerial Styles You Need to Lead Effectively (6MGN)


In this 10:01 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • Why “one-trick-pony” managers have limited value
  • Six management styles that great managers master
  • How to correctly deploy the right style for the situation



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Time Management: Why It’s Not About Time (TMMT)


In this 7:17 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • Why employees are perceived as being good, or bad, at managing their time
  • The list that matters more than any other
  • The #1 enemy of good time management



SOA-DOA-DOPLR: Leading in a Crisis: How to Maintain Morale and Retain Your People (LDCR)


In this 7:49 minute Rapid Learning Institute Quick Take you will learn:


  • The single most important leadership strategy in a crisis, which will give you credibility
  • A key insight into the psychology of employees that will help you motivate and retain them
  • A managerial roadmap for engaging employees in a time of crisis



Please make use of these online training opportunities provided to you by your Labor Management Committees.


Please send your feedback about what went well, what could be better and use of online learning to pat.dill@alaska.gov with the subject line, “Online Course Feedback.”





SU and CEA Labor Management Committee Members


A message from Pete Ford, APEA Business Manager

I’m sure you are aware by now that the state’s budget impasse has been broken, that we have a fully-funded budget, which includes our contracts fully-funded, and that the legislature has adjourned.  There is every expectation that the governor will sign the budget.

APEA has already contacted DOP&LR and we have agreed that the recent LOAs which would have provided for Partial Shut-down Furloughs have been cancelled.  (Therefore, questions about the furloughs are moot, and I will not take further time responding…except to acknowledge that, yes, I did goof up the year, which should have been 2015 – apologies!)  The SU and CEA contracts are funded, and the 2.5% wage increase effective 1 July 2015 will take effect and be granted, as it was negotiated and ratified.

While Alaska continues to have serious financial challenges, which do need to be addressed, we can take genuine pride in the fact that Alaska did decide to honor its word and honor its contractual commitments, while working towards a more stable income for the state.  SU and CEA, and the other public employee unions, should take pride and satisfaction in the fact that your appeals and arguments to the legislature eventually carried the day and resulted – directly and definitively – in the final decision to fully fund the contracts and honor the state’s commitments.  This success is a great lesson in your power:  when you direct your issues and priorities through your union and speak powerfully, persuasively and definitively for the treatment and consideration you expect, deserve and have negotiated and contracted for, your potential for success is very high.  Our thanks to each and every one of you who answered the call to express your support, and who stayed “steady on the case” through the various ups-and-downs, who persisted and who finally share credit for our success securing our contracts.

In the months ahead, there is much work to be done.  SU, CEA and APEA will play a role in helping the state make its political decisions regarding establishment of a sustainable income for the state, and we hope you will personally play an individual role in that collective effort to stabilize the state’s income and help define the services which the state will provide to make Alaska a desirable community to live, to raise a family and to pursue a meaningful career.  More on these activities later….

For now, THANK YOU, each and every one of you, for your help, your support and your commitment to your own work and career, and to your fellows’ work and career, as well.

A message from Alaska Governor Bill Walker

Dear State of Alaska Employee:


I have good news – the Alaska Legislature passed a fully funded budget yesterday.


If you received a layoff or furlough notice dated June 1, which was solely related to the partial government shutdown, that notice is hereby rescinded based on the legislative action. There will not be a partial government shutdown, and all employees should report to work on July 2, 2015, if scheduled to do so.


I recognize there are still layoffs that will be effective on July 1. To those employees, I want to offer my appreciation for the work you have done for the State and hope that you will be back as a State employee soon.


I want to thank all State employees for the character and resolve they have exhibited during this difficult time. I have always appreciated your hard work, but even more so now.  It is not easy to work under stress, and you have all done an excellent job. We have the best State workers in the nation.


Thank you,


Bill Walker



State of Alaska

Capitol Building, Third Floor

Juneau, AK 99811


LOAs to manage a partial shutdown

Dear CEA members:

Please be advised that your respective negotiating team has recently completed negotiation of Letters of Agreement which will convert the “partial state shut-down”, if it happens, from a lay-off situation to a “furlough” situation.  The primary differences are that “furlough” will allow the state to designate “essential” positions, which will continue working in order to maintain essential state services.  Due to the bare-bone staffing of the shut-down, incumbents already performing those essential duties will continue, and furloughs will not be governed by seniority.

From the membership perspective, no one being furloughed will be required to cash-out their accrued PL; accrued FlexCredit, CompTime and sick leave will be held intact and available to everyone upon their return to service.  Furloughs will begin on 2 July 2015, so everyone will be in pay status and have Health Insurance coverage for July 2016 (employee co-pay will be deducted from July earnings).  People in pay status on 1 July 2015 will be eligible to receive the Floating Holiday provided in our contracts.

We have the ability to question and negotiate discrepancies and other issues which may arise ready the administration of the furlough.  DOA has cautioned all ASDs to focus furlough and “essential” decisions on real work needs and duties, and we will be able to discuss issues regarding such decisions.

Copies of the CEA LOAs are posted on the APEA/AFT website (www.apea-aft.org ) , with references to FAQs regarding the situation.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions not  covered by the FAQ.

In Solidarity,

Your CEA Negotiating Team