CEA membership application and legal trust information

Greetings fellow members,

We have been asked by several members to add some new links to the website. We have now added a link to the CEA membership form as well as a link to the Legal Trust. When you click the link to the legal trust it will take you directly to the APEA/AFT website. Simply click on Member Resources and then Legal Trust.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of your Executive Board members.


In Solidarity,

Gene Christian

President, CEA local 6133

Contact your reprensatives

Each and everyone of us need to reach out to our elected officials and remind them that we supported them. Here are some talking points:


CEA Members,


As promised in yesterday’s teleconference, here are a few helpful tips for communicating with your legislators:


Talking points:


1)     The state and legislature’s word is their bond.  A contract is a promise, a promise is a promise!


2)     Breaking your word and your commitments is not how people work their way thru financial difficulties.


3)    We approved these contracts in good faith.  Reversing now would be a breach of that prior agreement.


4)    Employee contracts are a commitment to the State’s entire population for services and support.


5)    Unions made concessions to arrive at the change in pay in these contracts.  Some for the two year preceding this last year of the contract


6)    Don’t balance the budget on the backs of the employees.


7)    Governor has an obligation to support and advocate for the contracts under PERA.


Send messages only to your Senator or Representative. 


Do not send messages or make phone calls from your State email address or phone.


If you have questions about your district or legislator, contact your local or regional Legislative Information Office (LIO) for more information.



See legislators by district.




Don’t forget the Governor!!  The Governor’s email is simply Bill.Walker@alaska.gov and the phone is 465-3500 (Anch: 269-7450). Members should thank the Governor for submitting the contracts with funding and urge him to stand by them. Ask the Governor to support them every step of the way.



In Solidarity,

CEA Executive Board


Contact your legislative representatives. You’re negotiated raises depend on this.

We have provided a sample letter that you can tailor to your needs:




The Honorable [Name]

Juneau, Alaska 99811-0001


Dear (Senator or Representative) [Name],


I am your constituent and also a State employee. My family and I need your support to vote to return negotiated State pay raises to the budget. As an Alaskan, I believe that a person’s word is their bond. If the Legislature fails to fund the final pay raise in our contract, that would be tantamount to the State breaking its word. I hope you agree that we need to follow through on our commitments and promises, and I hope you can agree that this isn’t right.


This modest raise would mean about an extra $80 per month for our family. That would be a few more grocery items at the store, much need school clothes for the children, or a little extra money to pay for the rising costs of utilities. It is a small amount of money that would go into our local economy, and help keep local businesses thriving.


Please commit voice and support to local families and businesses by voting to fund our contracts, and urge your fellow Legislators to do the same. We should not be singled out. It’s hard not to appreciate the State’s financial situation, but not funding already approved contracts is not the right way to discuss alternatives to layoff.


Thanks you for your attention to this important matter.






[First Name] [Last Name]




Photos from 2014 Caucus


Mark Begich and CEA President Gene Christian

AFT President Randi Weingarten,  Senator Mark Begich, and APEA President Cecily Hodges.


Senator Mark Begich, AFT President Randi Weingarten, and APEA President Cecily Hodges.

AFL-CIO President Vincent Beltrami, AFT President Randi Weingarten, and APEA President Cecily Hodges.


Gordon Lafer on Minimum Wage (Prop3)


Mr. Bill Walker

2014 APEA/AFT Caucus

The 2014 APEA/AFT Caucus began on October 9th and is expected to conclude on October 12th.

APEA president Cecily Hodges has done a wonderful job moderating the caucus. We have had the pleasure of guest speakers Gordon Lafer, Mike Fenster, Neil Fried and gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker.

We have held regional caucuses, constituency meetings, and workshops on many issues that are important to us as a union and as Alaskans.

On October 12th we will have AFT president Randi Weingarten as our special guest. This will be her first time attending and Alaskan APEA/AFT caucus so we are very fortunate for this.

Our thanks go out to you, the membership, for electing your voting delegates and making this possible. We can assure your that our votes will be in the best interest of our membership.

2014 AFL-CIO Biennial Convention


Doug-Swanson-APEA-Business-Manager and


Forrest Dunbar, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress.

Forrest Dunbar, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress.

Gubernatorial independent candidate Bill Walker

Gubernatorial independent candidate Bill Walker

And just some fun shots.

Some fun shots!

Josh Presented a very informative piece on economic sense as it relates to our cause.

Josh Anjari Presented a very informative piece

on economic sense as it relates to our cause.

Senator Hollis French and candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Senator Hollis French and candidate

for Lieutenant Governor and company.

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations National President

Richard Trumka, American Federation of Labor and

Congress of Industrial Organizations National President

Executive Secretary, Montana AFL-CIO.

Al Ekblad, Executive Secretary, Montana AFL-CIO.

A good time had by all.

A good time had by all.


2014 CEA Executive Board

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, There have been some recent changes in your executive board so I would like to provide all of you with our contact information. Please do remember to contact us with any issues or concerns that you may have. Your executive board is here for you.

I would also really like to thank Lori Day for all of her service both as a member and as President. She was instrumental in creating a more cohesive union and I hope to continue her good work. We miss her and we all look forward to her returning to CEA someday.



(Updated July 31, 2014)




Gene Christian2749 3rd Ave. Ketchikan, AK 99901


W (907) 228-7273C(907) 617-7877
Kelly Baines5873 Pine St. Juneau, AK 99801


W (907) 465-5625H(907) 780-4023
Dezarae Deraimer4085 Spring Way Juneau, AK 99801

dezarae.deraimer@alaska.gov dezhere@email.com

W (907) 465-4404C (907) 635-4993
Sarah Blei P. O. Box 240251 W (907) 269-7828C (907) 341-9211
Anchorage, AK 99524sarah.blei@alaska.gov
 Executive Board Member
Lura Noss601 N. Shadowood Circle, A Wasilla, AK 99654


W (907) 269-0576C (907) 957-9961
Terri Moore Juneau, AK 99801terri.moore@alaska.gov W (907) 465-3616
Executive Board Member
Joe Reeves W (907) 465-8289
P.O. Box 210012Auke Bay, AK 99821joseph.reeves@alaska.gov   C (907) 789-5484

*The President and designated seats are elected in even years, the Vice-President and At-Large seats are elected in odd years. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer are selected by the Board from its membership.





     Primary Member

            Dan McCrummen                                           Work: 907-465-3845

   Alternate Member

            Chad Bolduc                                                   Work:  907-334-0842



   Primary Member

          Gene Christian                                                  Work: 907-228-7273

   Alternate Member

            Lura Noss                                                        Work: 907- 269-0576





            Kelli Manchester                                                Work: 907-465-5598


            Gene Christian                                                   Work: 907-228-7273


   Lura Noss                                                                 Work:  907-269-0576

Dezarae Deraimer                                                       Work: 907-465-4404

Please ensure the widest possible dissemination.

In Solidarity,

Gene Christian,

President, CEA

2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Confidential Employees Association

APEA/AFT (AFL-CIO) Local #6133


Annual Meeting Minutes April 10, 2014

Call to Order: 12:07 PM



Lori Day, President

Gene Christian, Vice President

Lura Noss, Secretary

Kelly Baines, Treasurer

Roland Mueca, Board Member

Geoff Bacon, APEA

Dennis Geary, APEA

Pete Ford, APEA

Cindy Spanyers, APEA

Over 20 CEA members also attended; a quorum was established.

President Report: Lori Day introduced the executive board. She reported that CEA has had a very busy year. This is the first year that the CEA Board had a formal retreat, followed by a great BBQ in Juneau. In this retreat, they work on ways to bring CEA visibility to the community. The Union should support the community, and the community will support the union in return.


They hosted their first fundraiser – Light the Night Walk, a benefit to raise support for blood cancers and lymphoma. It was a success, and CEA plans to host another one this year. Should members be interested in volunteering, or have ideas for ways to get involved in the community, please contact Lori. CEA now has a new logo, thanks to a logo contest last fall. Look for new mugs and pins in the near future.


One CEA member – Dez Deraimer – went to Kansas to take part in a workshop about Right to Work. She learned quite a bit about the subject and would love to answer any questions members may have. CEA members have an opportunity to take part in a number of trips throughout the year to different trainings and conferences. Should any member be interested in going to these, instead of a board member, please contact Lori.


Lori spoke about the new classes the Training LMC has put out for CEA members to attend. She also promoted the new CEA website, ceaalaska.com. CEA is in need of volunteers for taking over the Facebook Page. Terri Moore volunteered to fill that role. For the first time, CEA Executive Board was split on an issue. This issue was the new LOA to change the promotional rules for CEA members. These rules would only affect those that are promoting one range. Lori made it clear to membership that the Board will try to advocate for this change to affect all CEA promotions in July; this is the first step towards that progress. Lori Day also introduced Kelly Baines as CEA’s new treasurer.


Secretary’s Report: The minutes were presented to membership prior to the meeting. Meeting minutes passed.

Treasurer Report: Kelly Baines read the treasurer’s report. Please see the attached report for details.


Business Agent Report: Geoff Bacon reported that the CEA Executive Board is very engaged and wonderful to work with. The Promotion LOA was the first time the board has every split on an issue, yet worked through it and compromised well. He stated CEA is very quiet as a whole, no grievance or complaint activity.


Legislative Report:  Cindy Spanyers reported that CEA’s labor contract is funded this year – a relief, as the Legislature has been very unpredictable with funding this year. Senator Dennis Egan has been working hard to restore Defined Benefits. He was successful in holding three hearings, but it didn’t move to the floor. Yet his efforts have helped keep the issue alive. Governor Parnell wanted to put 3 billion into unfunded liability, as there is concern about the bond rating dropping from AAA status. This affects the state’s ability to secure bonds and other forms of monies for projects.  As of this report, no money has been appropriated for PERS & TERS.


Some in the Legislature are attempting to circumvent bargaining. MEBA is facing these efforts this year and has mobilized. The Legislature attempted to remove the cost of living differential law from the 1970s and pay everyone the same rate wage regardless of location. This effort has stalled in the Senate.


Vouchers for private and religious schools are a big controversy this year. There is language in one of the education bills directing the Division of Personnel to to conduct a study on school district teacher/staff salary and benefits including classification.  Personnel would assign a non-perm to do this effort.


Minimum Wage – there is a bill that was proposed in the Legislature to block the Minimum Wage Initiative which is scheduled for the ballot. This bill is scheduled for the floor tomorrow. For those concerned, contact your representatives to tell them to vote no. If they vote no, the initiative will go on the ballot for the people to decide. Please call.


Health Insurance Committee: Dennis Geary reported that last year the Commissioner extended Health Smart’s contract for a half year, so that the active employees would be on the same benefit cycle as the retirees. Former commissioner Becky Hultberg and Mike Barnhill overhauled the insurance agreement without consulting the HBEC committee. They chose to adopt Aetna language, instead of implementing the state’s own plan. This was quite a shock to the HBEC committee. The largest changes in the plan are: penalties for nonpreferred providers, with Aetna only covering 65% of the medical bills of employees who are going to providers out of network. Unfortunately, all of Juneau and SE AK are out of network. This means the majority of state employees and CEA members have reduced coverage. Bartlett Hospital just became an in-network provider; yet is the only provider to do so at this time.


Commissioner Thayer has been avoiding the whole situation, and refuses to deal with Barnhill’s reorganization of Retirement and Benefits, or of implementing this new plan. Retirement and Benefits has reorganized to eliminate their director – a partially exempt position. As such, Barnhill is the person in charge of the retirement and benefits for the State and who the HBEC committee can work with. This also means that realistically state benefits are now 100% political, as they can be changed by appointment. HBEC’s requests for changes or involvement have fallen on deaf ears.


After legislative session, the HBEC committee will focus on having a productive meeting and conversation about the situation.


The Retiree union, RPEA plans to sue for changes to the Retiree Health Plan, as the changes reduce overall benefits, instead of having parity. These changes are in violation of 2 Supreme Court decisions that established that retirees have a contract with the State of Alaska for retirement for life. Many of the members of the RPEA are former judges and lawyers who are motivated to bring this suit forward.


If members have any questions about the situation, please contact Dennis Geary, Lori Day, or Kelli Manchester.


Other Business – For the good of the order: None of the membership seemed to have questions. Lori thanked APEA, the board and all of the membership who attended the meeting.


Next Meeting: April of 2015


Adjournment at 12:58PM


Respectfully submitted,

Lura Noss, Secretary CEA