Welcome Tami Brown!

Please join us in welcoming CEA’s newest executive board member, Tami Brown.
Tami has been with CEA for the last 10 years and brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to the board. She has worked for the State in several capacities. She has been a CEA member while working for the Department of Administration and currently with the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Congratulations Tami and welcome!

New CEA President

Fellow CEA members,


I have taken a position with the Alaska Public Employees Association and my last day to serve as President of CEA will be 31 AUG 15.


I am very pleased to announce that Sarah Blei will become the new CEA President on 01 SEP 15.


Sarah has been with CEA for 9 years. She began her union involvement in 2013 when she was appointed to her first seat. She subsequently ran for election in 2014 and was successful. Sarah has a strong background in human resources in both the public and private sectors. Sarah has done an amazing job while serving for the board and continues to care for the best interests of the membership.


I am very pleased to announce her as my successor and hope you all will support her as you have done for me.


Please join me in congratulating Sarah in her new role as CEA President.


In Solidarity,

Gene Christian 


Sarah L. Blei, President

CEA, Local 6133

Electronic Device Allowance Change and AAM Update Effective 7/1/15

Electronic Device Allowance Change

Effective for the July allowance that is paid to employees with the first payroll in August, the allowance amounts for cell phones (voice only) and smartphones (voice and data) are changing.  The cell phone allowance was $15 and will now be $5.  Smartphone allowance was $45 and will now be $36.  For any new allowances, the updated approval form has been posted to our web at http://doa.alaska.gov/dof/forms/resource/EComm_Allow_Form.pdf

Alaska Administrative Manual Update

Transmittal #86 updates the following sections of the Alaska Administrative Manual effective July 1, 2015:

25.090 – Expenditure and Revenue Controls
25.100 – Tolerance Adjusted Net Available Balance (TANAB)

Please visit our Division of Finance Updates web page at http://doa.alaska.gov/dof/updates/index.html for the updated sections and transmittal information.

We hope this helps keep you informed of policy changes that affect your job. Email groups were built based on position titles and DOF’s best efforts to reach as many employees whose job duties depend on this information. If these changes do not affect your duties, please simply delete this email.

Important message from APEA Business Manager, Pete Ford

Morning all – The “shoe has finally dropped”; the US Supreme Court has announced that it will hear the Friedrichs case next term (sometime after October) and thereby re-visit the legality of union security/agency shop agreements.  The worst case scenario is that the entire public sector could become a “right-to-work” workplace, wherein agency fees could not be required as a condition of employment and “open shop” – or voluntary membership – would be the law in all our public sector locals.


Regardless of the eventual outcome of this case, we must accept this situation as a challenge to improve, strengthen, build our communication with members and to organize our locals from within, and remind our members that they are the union; therefore, they must participate in the building, operations and business of the union, and do so in every aspect of union work – negotiations, representation, political advocacy and building and then maintaining the community of common interest and self-help that is supposed to characterize a union.


This effort must be our primary goal now, in the upcoming months, and into the future.  More, I hope lots more, later….



30 JUN 2015